Monday, September 21, 2009

Flat tracker/Colour change

The orange wood-stain looked like the shed came from America, so its now painted brown. I painted the Matchless veteran logo on the doors. I think it makes the shed look smaller, what do you think?
Now to get down to finishing the X flat tracker, hopefully get it running for next year and do the AJS brakes and fork bushes.

I'm going to film the engine mods and alterations on the flat traker as I go along so it will show what's involved in the conversion to ohv, video's on here as soon as possible.

And hopefully it won't be snowing at the haggis!


  1. Wash your mouth out! SUN, not snow!
    Love the logo min.

  2. Snowing for the Haggis, NEVER!!!!!!! See you there. Welcome to Blogger Land...wait till I tell Captain Bill.... (From MrsBC, but she couldn't leave a comment in her own name 'cos it looks like she would have to have a Google account, which she doesn't have...yet)

  3. Looking forward to following your progress with the Flat Tracker. Like the Matchless logo on the doors.


  4. Nice looking shed there Sid. Looks to be a fairly good size. What's the story on the flat tracker?

    Tim aka 850Norton