Friday, October 23, 2009

look at this!

This brought back some memories!

The World's Fastest Indian - sv to ohv, brilliant! The Wild One, I preferred Lee Marvin - what a character - to Marlon Brando character, in the film, the Matchless badges were upside down, dunno why.

Girl On a boring! She was getting driven around on a trailer, Girl On a Trailer woulda been a better title.

Still love Easy Rider all these years later, but The World's Fastest Indian is my favourite Bike far. What do you guys think is the best Biker movie?

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  1. Easy Rider, didn't really like it the first few times I watched it, but its sort of growen on me over the years. Films of my youth were Mad Max and another slightly earlier Oz film Stone. Think they are responsable for my liking of Big air cooled Kawasakis. I'll agree with you about The Worlds Fastest Indian, great film and a great man