Monday, October 5, 2009

Haggis Run 4 th October

Neville, Bob and I rode from Cawdor to Elgin to meet up with Geoff and Sue. The plan was to ride to Alford via the Cabrach, all went well till we lost Bob and Neville in Elgin. So Geoff and I hot footed it over the hills on the two AJS V Twins to the start of the Run, the weather was chilly but dry and the route was good with some great views . I was following Geoff when about five miles out of Huntly his Aja stated smoking badly. At the lunch stop crankcase pressurising was diagnosed and Geoff wisely rode home, I carried on to the second part and it turned out a really nice afternoon. After the run Neville and I had a good run home. I was right...there was hailstones at Huntly not quite snow! Good run. Good Crowd.

Funny story from the Run; after taking a wrong turn in Huntly, I asked a Man working in his Garden if I was on the right route as per my route sheet, he said "well we are just outside Duftown".


over the Cabrach again...

Has anyone else got a story?


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day out Sid, told you it wouldn't snow...although I agree, it were jolly nippy!

  2. Was good to finally see your bike in the metal Sid, very nice.
    On my way down the road I did see a bit of snow, just coming out of Breamar i could see over in the distance Braeriach with its snow cap on.